Let’s get things rocking and rolling – just you, me and your business.

  • If you’re looking for next-level support in your creative business.
  • If you’re fed up with doing it alone.
  • If you just want a trusted peer & advisor on your team.

….let’s work 1:1 together.

I know you’re excellent at what you do, but maybe you’ve forgotten that. It’s common and perfectly normal, especially when we work solo or remotely. I will be in your corner, be your biggest cheerleader and help you to connect with your Why, your purpose, your vision and goals.

You don’t need to do this alone. You’ve got me!

Practical, Inspired Action & Results

Having said all that lovely touchy-feely stuff, I am deeply practical and an action taker. Action breeds clarity and clarity brings results.

For example, some things we can cover in the 1:1 sessions:

  • giving laser-focused advice on a specific part of your business.
  • documenting your creative process so it’s clear to you and your clients.
  • un-muddling your money and get you feeling in control again.
  • your brand identity and do a brand strategy session together.
  • streamlining your client communications with standardised but personal email templates.
  • …. anything else you feel stuck with or need guidance with. These sessions are YOUR time to work on your business and give it some TLC.

What do you receive?

  • Access to everything in the Group Mentoring program, which includes the 12+ instant-access videos, resources, private Facebook Group, and the monthly group Zoom mentoring sessions.
  • The Speaker Series – learn from guest experts & have direct access for Q&As 
  • 4 x 1 hour 1:1 Zoom mentoring sessions together. My eye-balls exclusively on your business. Book these anytime to suit you within a 6 month period.
  • 6 months of email & FB Messenger support.

Ahhhh Emma! You were like an old friend even though we had only just met.

You crossed my path at just the right time and provided me with just the right support and guidance to help overcome a hurdle that had been in my way for far too long.

You inspired me to get it done!

Your mentoring gave me ideas and helped to create a plan to follow and you were the ever so helpful ‘accountability’ one so often needs!

Being solo in business can be hugely overwhelming and I was sick of myself and my ideas, you provided the change I needed.

Thank you! I’m better off for having you part of my business journey.

Samantha Janssen

Sport Wear Designer, Navi

Emma quite literally took me from zero to hero…I had huge money blocks and was in a state of chaos. Emma listened, gave great tips, and detangled the mess. I now love managing the money side and have seen so much growth in my creative business.

Emma is a true ray of sunshine and has lifted me up to being a truly confident creative in business.

Kat Fox


Our sessions were really life changing: being able to chat with someone 1:1 about specifics and not just in a generalised business way was really helpful.

There are so many business coaches out there, but not many who understand what it’s like to be a creative.

I’m also really grateful for your input and being able to sound out my plans for the future. Your honesty and advice was really appreciated.

I will be forever grateful.

Helen Maree Smith


I recently reignited my passion for photography. I used to sell gardening photos to magazines but then let my creativity slide over many years. However there was always a yearning to create again.

Emma’s Bespoke Business Hub arrived at the perfect time. Without hesitating I jumped straight in. Suddenly I have found a place where I can be supported in my artistic endeavours.

The Hub is a safe space to ask questions, gain advice and answers, support each other and learn from Emma’s vast experience and expertise.

Although I don’t feel that I am as yet, a well established artist, I know I am in the right place. I can see my photography business growing with the support and knowledge I need. Thank you Emma

Judy Newbery


I joined Emma’s program because I wanted a creative business mentor who was also Australian-based.

I’ve already implemented her Asana project management system for my $2,000 commission project. And I’m also using the design brief templates when working with clients. These templates have been very helpful.

Thanks, Emma!

Lucy Morningstar


Emma Veiga-Malta is not only a fabulous designer but a magnificent mentor.  She has a keen ability to convey what your business needs in a digestible way that leaves you feeling excited about what is possible! 

Five minutes with Emma, I could take in more than I would in an hour with most people!  She is so knowledgeable & clearly offers as much value as possible to everyone she works with.

Christine Collins (M.Psy)