YOUR place to learn about the business of creativity.

“Build a better creative business in 12 instant-access videos…”

If you’re a creative entrepreneur looking for an experienced business mentor and guide, then you’re in the right place!

My vision is to get artists, designers, photographers, artisan makers, crafters, creators & creative professionals earning money from their talents AND enjoying business.

After 20 years in creative business, I thought it was time I shared my experience and knowledge!

Introducing The Bespoke Business Hub – an online group and 1:1 mentoring program for creative professionals and entrepreneurs.

I’m Emma & I’m here for you.

What does the program cover?

  • Busting The Starving Artist Myth – start telling a new story.
  • Strong Foundations – starting your business right.
  • Location, Location, Location – setting up your workspace.
  • Pricing Your Work – and it has nothing to do with self worth!
  • Selling without Selling – you won’t even know you’re doing it.

  • Creative Organisation – banish chaos forever.

  • Client Management – avoid scope creep & micromanagement.

  • Project Management – how to keep on track and in control.

  • Money Management – so you’re not robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  • Niching & Pivoting – it’s the best way to expand & grow!
  • Showcasing You Work – impress clients, entice customers.

  • Boundaries – why you need them & how to create them.

  • Working For Free – how to say No & when to say Yes.
  • Software, subscriptions & tools – a look into my business.
  • Tales From The Crypt – stories from my own creative & business journey.

what are your choices? 

Group Mentoring

Instant access to over 12 topics in video format, written format, handy work sheets and useful resources.

Monthly live mentoring sessions.

Private Facebook group – a happy & supportive community of creatives. I spend much of my life on Facebook (tragic really!) so you’ll have access to me and a lovely community who can help you too.

1:1 mentoring

Everything in the Group Mentoring program: Instant access to the program’s content. Join the group mentoring sessions. Private Facebook group.

PLUS you have direct access to me, with 4 x 1 hour Zoom sessions with me. My eye-balls on YOUR business. Let’s get lazer focused, target your challenges and get your creative business rocking and rolling!

As soon as I saw that Emma was creating a business hub for other artists and creatives I wanted in.

I like that it’s self paced learning online – I have three children and do not have a consistent schedule.

I like that the modules are not locked and I can pick and choose based on where I am at in my personal journey.

I like that I can attend group mentoring sessions and feel like I am part of a community of business savvy creatives who are not interested in the starving artist stereotype.

Courts Lippett


Emma quite literally took me from zero to hero…I had huge money blocks and was in a state of chaos. Emma listened, gave great tips, and detangled the mess. I now love managing the money side and have seen so much growth in my creative business.

Emma is a true ray of sunshine and has lifted me up to being a truly confident creative in business.

Kat Fox


Ahhhh Emma! You were like an old friend even though we had only just met.

You crossed my path at just the right time and provided me with just the right support and guidance to help overcome a hurdle that had been in my way for far too long.

You inspired me to get it done!

Your mentoring gave me ideas and helped to create a plan to follow and you were the ever so helpful ‘accountability’ one so often needs!

Being solo in business can be hugely overwhelming and I was sick of myself and my ideas, you provided the change I needed.

Thank you! I’m better off for having you part of my business journey.

Samantha Janssen

Sport Wear Designer, Navi

I joined Emma’s program because I wanted a creative business mentor who was also Australian-based.

I’ve already implemented her Asana project management system for my $2,000 commission project. And I’m also using the design brief templates when working with clients. These templates have been very helpful.

Thanks, Emma!

Lucy Morningstar


I recently reignited my passion for photography. I used to sell gardening photos to magazines but then let my creativity slide over many years. However there was always a yearning to create again.

Emma’s Bespoke Business Hub arrived at the perfect time. Without hesitating I jumped straight in. Suddenly I have found a place where I can be supported in my artistic endeavours.

The Hub is a safe space to ask questions, gain advice and answers, support each other and learn from Emma’s vast experience and expertise.

Although I don’t feel that I am as yet, a well established artist, I know I am in the right place. I can see my photography business growing with the support and knowledge I need. Thank you Emma

Judy Newbery


Our sessions were really life changing: being able to chat with someone 1:1 about specifics and not just in a generalised business way was really helpful.

There are so many business coaches out there, but not many who understand what it’s like to be a creative.

I’m also really grateful for your input and being able to sound out my plans for the future. Your honesty and advice was really appreciated.

I will be forever grateful.

Helen Maree Smith


Emma is not only a fabulous designer but a magnificent mentor.  She has a keen ability to convey what your business needs in a digestible way that leaves you feeling excited about what is possible!

Five minutes with her I learnt more than I would in an hour with most people!  She is so knowledgeable & offers as much value as possible to everyone she works with.

Christine Collins

As soon as I saw that Emma was creating a business hub for other artists and creatives I wanted in.

I like that it’s self paced learning online – I have three children and do not have a consistent schedule.

I like that the modules are not locked and I can pick and choose based on where I am at in my personal journey.

I like that I can attend group mentoring sessions and feel like I am part of a community of business savvy creatives who are not interested in the starving artist stereotype.

Courts Lippett


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How to stop working for free

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Got Questions? 

who is this for?

The Bespoke Business Hub is for artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, artisan makers, crafters & creators. You may have an online business, have a shop, run a market stall, offer 1:1 services or any combination of these!

If you’re a creative working directly with clients (writer, singer, florist, perfumer, make-up artist) you may also find this program useful, as I will cover relevant topics such as client management, project management, money management & creative inspiration.

who is this not for?

This program is not suited for coaches and businesses who sell info or educational products & services, MLM or drop-shippers.

You do need to have an active creative business, a past business you want to ignite or hobby that you are planning to make into a business.

This program is not suitable for you if you’re looking for artistic or creative teaching. It’s also not for you if you’re thinking about starting a creative hobby or outlet.

If you are searching for spiritual guidance or beginner’s confidence in your creative practice, this won’t be the program for you. Though I do highly recommend you read the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

This is also NOT a training course, teaching How Tos such as SEO, product creation, website building etc. Though I will give you resources and offer up my personal referral partners to help you.


how long do I have access for?

You will have lifetime access to the materials, the private Facebook Group and the live mentoring sessions.

Please note that lifetime access refers to the life of the program and not my or your life!

If I chose to close down the program, you will no longer have access. Though don’t worry I am not planning on doing this anytime soon and if I do, you will get plenty of notice.

When does the mentoring program start

Great news…it’s ever-green and you can join the program at any time. And you have lifetime access too!


how is the material delivered?

Once you’ve paid, I will send you a Welcome email with your login details. You’ll get instant access to the password protected pages, where all the videos, transcripts, PDF and resources are found.

You can log in at any time, and go through the content at your own pace and in any order. You can go back to the same topic as often as you want. This really is a choose your own adventure style of delivery.

You will also be added to the Private Facebook Group called The Bespoke Business Hub Members Only.

The Facebook group will be your daily hang out for asking questions, interacting with me and your fellow Hubsters and having access to special content, lives and bonus materials.

Every month I’ll send you an invite to join me on a group mentoring session on Zoom. Bring your wins, challenges, and questions. I’ve been part of many Zoom networking, mentoring & mastermind sessions, and the group dynamic is priceless. We all learn from each other!

If you have signed up for the 1:1 mentoring, I’ll get in contact with you personally via email and send you my calendar link, for you to book a date and time to suit you best.

how are the group & 1:1 live mentoring sessions conducted?

We will be meeting on Zoom. You will get an invite for the Zoom session, with plenty of notice to add it to your diary. On the day, simply click on the Zoom link I send through, and you will be connected to the meeting. 

Do I need special software to attend the sessions?

If you don’t already have Zoom downloaded, you will need to download it onto your desktop. It’s free and easy to use.

For the How To Join a Zoom Meeting video, go here

The rest of the program just needs your laptop or device to access the material on the password protected pages on this website, and a Facebook account to access the private group.

what's the difference between mentoring & coaching?

That’s an interesting question. Obviously there will be overlaps in what a mentor and a coach does, but ultimately it boils down to this: a mentor will have walked the path you are now taking. They have real life experience and will draw upon this when advising or consulting with you. They will often be industry experts with a separate business doing what they mentor.

For example, I am a creative business mentor because I also have a successful design business called Bespoke Backdrops & Branding, and have run creative businesses of all sorts since 1999.

A coach will use open-ended questions to elicit deeper thinking and self realisations when helping you in your business. Very often they may not have personal experience in your industry or business sector, but will have strategies and tools to guide you to find the answers.

Money back guarantee

I really hope you won’t need this bit – I put 100% into my work and wish for you to be 100% delighted!

But if you are not entirely happy with the program, we offer a money back guarantee.

The Bespoke Business Hub, group & 1:1 mentoring have a 14 day money back guarantee and refund period.

Do check out The Small Print for more information. 


What's included and not included?

You get me as your mentor and business guide. 

You have instant access to 12-15 videos with resources, worksheets and checklist that teach you key lessons in creative business building. All from my perspective and experience over the past 20+years.

Monthly Zoom group mentoring sessions where you can ask me anything. We’ll cover your current challenges and questions. I’ll get to know you and your business – your success is my priority!

Free and private Facebook Group where we can connect. I’ll do live Masterclasses, share new material and generally hang out together with a view to improving your business.

This ISNT a training course with teaching modules on How Tos…I won’t be teaching website building, SEO, course creation, artistic techniques etc. Though I certainly can point you in the right direction.